Wellington Wahoos Swim Team:

Wahoos End of 2021 Season Recap

The Wellington Wahoos finished up their season with a BIG win over competitors Arbor Creek & Renaissance Park this last week. We had an amazing season and celebrated with an end of season pizza/pool party and awards ceremony. We were so lucky to have a former Wahoo come back and help us coach this year. Our team is only around 40 kids, but we are mighty. Here were this year’s point totals:         Week 1: 122     Week 2: 229      Week 3: 385      Week 4: 146     Week 5: 659

We cannot thank the community enough! You came out and supported us via fundraisers, Facebook posts, and coming to the meets!

We would love to continue to grow this program in the neighborhood. We need to purchase an automated timer system to continue to compete in the Tarheel Swim Association so we will need to fundraise throughout the year to raise money.  Be on the lookout for more ways to contribute.

Additionally, we would love to have more kids join us next year. If you a swimmer that will be between 5 and 18 years old as of June 1, 2022, please consider talking to one of the parents from this year to learn more or reach out to   Go Wahoos!!!

The clubhouse is open to homeowners for rental.  All must follow COVID rules & regulations per the state guidelines.  Reminders are posted around the clubhouse for your convenience.  There will be a mandatory cleaning fee of $100 in addition to the $75 rental fee for professional sanitation after each rental.  Renters will still be responsible for taking out their trash.  To rent the clubhouse please fill out a “Clubhouse Rental Agreement” form on the Documents page of this website.  For questions please use the Contact Us page on this website.