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The Wellington Park pool will close on Sunday  September 20, 2020 
Pool hours are 10 am – 8 pm each day.  The gate will be accessible at 9:00am but there will be no attendant until 10:00am.

REGULAR POOL & SLIDE RULES STILL APPLY IN ADDITION TO THESE RULES.  See Documents page for ongoing pool & slide rules.

New interim COVID pool rules:
• Only 44 people in the pool area at a time

• 2 hour maximum stay during high demand times
• No sharing of pool toys-keep toys with you at all times
• Only one family at a time in the bathrooms
• Children in swim diapers MUST wear snug fitting rubber pants over the diaper
• There will be no lost & found so be sure to take everything with you.
• Wearing a face covering while not in the pool is recommended
• Please no guests during high demand times

Pool Procedure:
• Upon entry to the pool area use hand sanitizer on everyone
• No groups with more than 10 people allowed
• Please respect the 6 foot distance rules inside & out of the pool
• When using the bathrooms, yell in to see if anyone is in there already. Be sure to distance 6 feet if there is a line to get into the bathroom.
• Showers are available in the bathrooms for rinsing. Please wipe them down after using.

Other considerations:
• Regular cleaning & disinfecting will take place throughout the day of public and high touch areas.
• We recommend bringing your own hand sanitizer & disinfecting wipes in case the pool staff run out.
• We anticipate things might not run completely smoothly so we will refine the plan as needed.
• We appreciate your constructive feedback and assistance fine tuning our pool plan.
• Your cooperation and adherence to these rules are greatly appreciated. We are all in this together!