The Homeowner’s Association Board has spent several months reviewing our historical HOA documents and restrictive covenants. Our restrictive covenants collectively allow us to maintain standards in the neighborhood and protect all of our property values. The covenants were enacted at the founding of the subdivision in 1986 and have not been legally updated or amended since. In the last few decades, changes in technology and local laws, as well as preferences of our Board and homeowners, have left the document outdated in several areas.
The Board is recommending seven amendments to the restrictive covenants. They will be enacted with approval by two-thirds of our homeowners (180 of 269 homes).  The details are in the following attachments.
Questions about these amendments or process can be directed to the Board via the “contact us” link on this website.  Thanks for your consideration and the opportunity to serve our community,

Voting still in progress.  Please vote yes or no on the changes and return to the management company.  Thank you.

Covenants Change Proposal Documents:

Explanation of Covenant Changes & signature page  (print, vote, sign, and return to Sentry Mgt)


Wellington Park Declaration Amendment